About Brendan Fanning

Brendan Fanning has been involved in rugby all of his life as a player, coach and journalist. He has been rugby correspondent on the Sunday Independent since 1996, and has been reporting on the game since the mid 1980s when he stopped playing with Clontarf. In 2007 his book From There to Here, a definitive account of Ireland’s transition from amateur to professional rugby, was published to critical acclaim.

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11 Responses to About Brendan Fanning

  1. Brian Marshall says:

    If O’Gara or Sexton are injured who will step up for the Irish squad?

  2. Hi Brendan. I’m Paolo Wilhelm and I’m an italian journalist and rugby blogger (ilgrillotalpa.com)
    I would like to send an e-mail about one italian oval history. I didn’t find your adress, where can I write? Thank you!

  3. Ben Murphy says:

    Hi Brendan, you recently wrote about women’s rugby in relation to Ireland’s first female referee for the 6 Nations and bemoaned the IRFU’s lack of coverage – though I did see an article and interview about her on their website.

    In light of your interest in women’s rugby do you have any comment on the Sunday Independent’s complete lack of coverage of the Ireland Women’s win over England on Saturday? First ever win, 25 – 0, amazing game and yet not a word in the paper you write for?

  4. Colum McLoughlin says:

    Saw Brendan Fanning in Against The Head this evening.
    He singled out Paddy Jackson out for the reason for the Scotland debacle and in so doing exonerated Heaslip for his appalling decision making, Earls for his greed in failing to pass to O’Driscoll twice (a repeat of Munster’s last Heineken Cup pool match) etc. etc. etc.
    when will the Anti-Ulster bias be cast aside by by Leinster & Munster Rugby?
    There are several dinosaurs in the team but they are given a pass.
    If Brendan Fanning can only give a biased assessment, he should keep his mouth shut!

  5. Sean Kolina says:


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  6. Roger McCully says:

    Brendan Fanning played at a professional level for………. oh yeah Clontarf……..has a history of being a neurologist …….. ummm no…….is a hack who should concentrate more on criticism of the standard of refereeing in the game which can see one player sent off and banned for a match, but in England a player can swing a punch, connect, have his picture in the paper and not even get a yellow card……. Well done Luke Marshall

  7. carole says:

    Sexton is back in Ireland anyway ! Leinster ill be better.

  8. Mike Bubbins says:

    Hi Brendan,
    You recently described Cardiff as an armpit of a town, and I was just wondering what you based that on? Was it the extensive and well cared for parks, the beautiful civic centre, the friendly pubs, the WdwRdian shopping arcades, the Castle, the spectacular Cardiff Bay, or the world’s best rugby stadium?
    We Welsh still love our Irish cousins, and their wonderful country, even if some of their ‘journalists’ make themselves look like idiots, and let their compatriots down. And the fact that you purport to be a rugby man makes your lack of class all the more surprising. Pity.

  9. Chris says:

    Hi Brendan.

    I believe you did some work with St Fintans and they have a few handy players in their side, any ones to watch out for on the 1st of February when they face off against St Gerards? Names or positions would be great thanks

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